SouthernTech and Turner Schools
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers  


In the upcoming February 8, 2022 election, residents within the Turner School District will have the opportunity to cast their vote to bring the school district into the Southern Oklahoma Technology Center service area. 


When is the date of the election? 

Tuesday, February 8th, 2022. 


Who can vote? 

Registered voters of the Turner School District. 


Where do I vote? 

Voting polls assigned to registration.  Polling Place Locator (You will have to enter your information to access your Polling Place)


If the vote is approved, will Turner students be able to enroll at SouthernTech for the next school year? 

Yes, Turner students entering the 11th and 12th grade in the next school year are invited to apply for one of our Full-Time Programs. High School students can attend for two years or both their 11th and 12th grade year.  Adult students can enroll in Corporate and Career Development classes as soon as annexation process allows.


What is a “mill” or “millage” rate? 

Property tax rates are set in mills. A mill is $1 in tax for every $1,000 in taxable value.  

All property tax details are public information.  You can look up your individual information.  The impact of the SouthernTech annexation would be 14.77 mils.  You calculate the yearly increase by multiplying your net assessed value by .01477.  

Agricultural land is NOT taxed at market value but rather at its production value.  

The Oklahoma Constitution places a 3% limit on increases for homestead and agricultural land and a 5% for other real property. 

Additional information can be found on the Love County Assessor’s webpage: 


How much will my taxes increase? 

It will vary based on property value.  Check with your county assessor to determine the actual amount.  You can calculate the yearly increase by multiplying your net assessed value by .01477. Additional information can be found on the Love County Assessor’s webpage: 


Will the millage rate increase again in a few years? 

No, the millage will stay at the same rate it is voted in at 14.77


Does SouthernTech provide transportation to high school students? 

Yes, secondary students are able to ride the bus provided by SouthernTech. The effort would be coordinated with Turner Schools.


Do Turner students who participate in extracurricular activities have the same opportunity to attend Southern Tech as other students? 

Yes, all students are under the guidelines of the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association and can attend SouthernTech.  


Does SouthernTech provide education and training beyond the secondary students? 

Yes, SouthernTech offers training for post-secondary students and industry training. SouthernTech works with businesses in the Southern Oklahoma area to help fulfill their workforce needs through customized corporate and career training and other educational services such as assessment services. SouthernTech helps community jobseekers by providing the training and experience needed to secure jobs, often with higher wages.  

Services provided to in-district businesses and individuals: 

  1. Small Business Consultation
  2. Customized training and consulting
  3. TIF (Training for Industry) program
  4. Industrial and field specific labs
  5. Conference Center Meeting rooms
  6. Catering and Food Services
  7. Testing Center
  8. Career Development Training


What new programs will be added? 

Basic Peace Officer Academy, Cybersecurity, and Industrial Machinery are new programs that will be offered at SouthernTech next school year and Aviation Technology is slated to begin 2024. 


What occurred to cause the election? 

Turner School District Board of Education discussed the need for Turner Students to have more  opportunities for students and the same opportunities as other districts. The Board passed the resolution on 10-18-21 for the election to be conducted in the school district for the purpose of annexing to the Southern Technology Center. The State Department of Education, Oklahoma Department of CareerTech, and SouthernTech Board of Education affirmed the resolution at their regularly scheduled meetings.


How many high school students will SouthernTech accept?  

SouthernTech accepts students who are on-track to graduate.  There is no limit on the number of students accepted per district; however, fire and pandemic considerations as well as quality training initiatives do dictate a full capacity per program.   


Is it true that high school student slots fill up with in-district students first and that the tuition is at least double for out-of-district students? 

Yes, SouthernTech's priority is in-district students.  If there are seats available, then out-of-district students are considered. The State Department of CareerTech sets the out-of-district tuition.  


Is financial aid assistance available for juniors and seniors in high school, out of district? 

There is no financial aid assistance for secondary (High School) students at SouthernTech. There is no tuition for juniors and seniors that attend a partner school. Financial Aid is available for post-secondary students. 


Explain the funding process for career tech centers. 

There is a funding formula for both PK-12 schools and career tech schools.  SouthernTech’s district covers parts of seven counties in south-central Oklahoma, therefore receiving funds through the assessor’s office in respective counties. The vast amount of funds (70% ) are generated from local property taxes , and 30% comes from the state of OK, tuition, corporate training, and the federal government.   


What are the benefits to Turner students, their families, and businesses? 

Thirty-three adult students from the Turner school district are currently enrolled at SouthernTech. They are paying out-of-district tuition. Businesses of all sizes consult with SouthernTech to help meet training needs.


What is Oklahoma CareerTech? 

The CareerTech System delivers educational experiences through a network of 394 PK-12 school districts, 29 technology center districts, 14 skills center sites in correctional facilities and 31 adult education and family literacy providers. CareerTech’s 29 technology centers operate on 59 campuses throughout the state, including Southern Technology Center. High school students can attend the technology centers in their districts for free, learning skills that will help them land good jobs after school and also position them to continue their education after graduation. Adult students learn new skills and earn certificates and credentials to get jobs, change careers or advance in their current careers. 

Oklahoma’s PK-12 school districts offer CareerTech courses in agricultural education; business and information technology education; family and consumer sciences education; health careers education; marketing education; science, technology, engineering and mathematics; and trade and industrial education. Students also can learn leadership skills as members of co-curricular CareerTech student organizations: FFA; Family, Careers and Community Leaders of America; SkillsUSA; Technology Student Association; Business Professionals of America; HOSA; and DECA. 

CareerTech’s Business and Industry Services Division helps Oklahoma companies increase their profitability with increased sales, higher productivity, reduced costs and expanded operations. CareerTech also helps companies move to and start-up in Oklahoma. Oklahoma PTAC helps companies secure government contracts. 

For more information, visit the Oklahoma CareerTech website at:  


CareerTech Map 

This is a state map that shows all areas that are served by the Oklahoma CareerTech system. Different programs are offered at different Technology Centers based on the needs of the local district. 

  CareerTech Maps

For more information on specific programs at each tech center, click the link below: 


SouthernTech District #20 Map

This is the coverage map of all school districts that currently participate in SouthernTech programs.  

SouthernTech District Map  


About SouthernTech 

Mission Statement:
To provide high-quality, skills-based, technical education opportunities that drive economic success. 

Vision Statement:
To be the premier technology center that develops a modern, highly skilled, and efficiently trained workforce to close the national skills gap. 


Core Values

Excellence – Excellence is celebrating the accomplishments and achievements of our staff and students while continually striving to improve our organization. In order to achieve success and demonstrate a growth mindset, we will stay committed to continuous improvement in all facets of the school.  

Competence – Competence is having the knowledge, skills, and abilities to uphold our mission with efficiency, effectiveness, and correctness to meet stakeholder and customer expectations.  

Diversity – Diversity is defined by the way we value differences in people, opinions, needs, thoughts, ideas, and skill levels. A diverse group of people makes our organization stronger, and we will work to eliminate barriers to inclusion and access.  

Integrity - Integrity is striving towards our mission with moral and ethical standards that honor our promise to serve all students and members of our community. 

Accountability – Accountability is holding ourselves responsible for delivering relevant and impactful educational experiences and for the effective stewardship of public funds that are graciously provided by our district’s communities.  

Innovation – Innovation is our commitment to a vision of the future that incorporates new ideas within our organization to create successful outcomes for all our stakeholders. Our innovation process utilizes creative programming and forward thinking which encompasses our values and embraces the needs of our community partners.  

Listening and Collaboration - Listening and Collaboration is more about seeking to understand and less about preparing to respond. We do this by creating a supportive, thoughtful, and respectful environment when working in school-based teams and with all our community partners. 

Service – Service is defined by our ability, and drive, to inspire, educate, and provide opportunities for our stakeholders and community members to be successful in their ventures and support them as they pursue a lifetime of career advancement.  

Leadership - Leadership is grounded in a servant leadership approach that promotes trust, effective communication, and accountability. Strong leadership focuses on what is best for the organization while seeking information to make decisions that impact all stakeholders.