Saving Lives One Unit at a Time

Every two seconds, someone needs blood, and the supply must be constantly renewed. That’s the reason the Student Senators at SouthernTech  chose once again to do the blood drive as a community service project.  “Students and staff at Southern are always eager to help,” stated Heidi Bryant, mobile supervisor for the Southern Oklahoma Blood Institute, “The students were wonderful, we had a great drive with 72 units collected which will affect 216 lives.  Right now we are Building our blood supply for spring break so the more blood we collect the better prepared we are.” 

Noa Dodson and Emily Burns, SouthernTech first year Nurse Assisting students gave their second donation of blood during the SouthernTech Student Senate Blood Drive on February 19, 2020.  Noa said, “I always donate when there is a drive.” And Emily said, I just like giving back to people in need.”
Rudy Saenz, Adult SouthernTech Welding student from Ardmore gave his 10th donation of blood today.  He said, “I try to donate as much as I can to make sure when people need help, I try to help.”
Mason Apala, SouthernTech HVAC student from Dickson High School gave his 3rd donation of blood today.  He said, “I like giving blood because it might help save someone’s life.”
Ivan Reyes, SouthernTech HVAC student from Sulphur High School gave his fourth donation of blood.  He said, “I try to give blood when I get the chance to help others.”
Taylor Scaggs, SouthernTech HVAC student from Davis High School gave Red Blood Cells and Plasma and had the privilege of having his aunt be his phlebotomist.  When asked why he gave blood he teasingly said, “Aunt Kerri asked me to”, then followed with, “and I like to help people.”