Job Placement Coordinator

SouthernTech is focused on securing the future workforce for Southern Oklahoma. One way to do this, is to be intentional about linking employers with highly qualified and skilled job candidates. As a model for excellence in career and technology education, SouthernTech is poised to train, prepare, and match students with their desired industry. This will be done with the help of Eric Hancock, the recently appointed Job Placement Coordinator, who will work to connect current and potential employer partners with SouthernTech’s graduating students.

Growing up in a CNC machine shop, owned by his Father, Hancock brings a multifaceted skill set to the new position, created to bridge the gap between the specialized industries in Southern Oklahoma and SouthernTech students that seek positions in those fields.

“I’m looking forward to helping place students in continuing education and career opportunities, ” said Hancock.

Hancock understands the skills that employers are looking for, as well as the traits that students must possess to secure and keep gainful employment. He views his position as a community team-player charged with bridging the gap between the academic and real world. And he has the credentials make that happen. With an entrepreneurial spirit, he has founded three companies varying from Disc Jockey to building race cars. While maintaining self-employment, he has simultaneously managed facilities and special projects for Halliburton and Goodyear over the past twenty-five years. His many years in the manufacturing industry compelled him to earn his Business Administration degree from Cameron University in 2017.

Similar to much of the staff and faculty at SouthernTech, Hancock is continuing to stretch his area of expertise as a life-long learner. He is currently pursuing a Master’s degree from Claremont Lincoln University which will help him to relate with both employers and students. Hancock’s goal for his new position is to help SouthernTech with the challenges of job placement.

“I’m excited to work with employers who want to know more about SouthernTech and the job placement process.” Hancock explained. “Some employers may not realize the impressive menu of technical skills that SouthernTech students learn.”

Hancock can be reached at his office at 580-220-2070 extension 8344 or by email at