Friend of Guidance Award

Boeckman and Labeth
Boeckman and Labeth
ianna Boeckman, Director of Student Services at SouthernTech (left) and Claudia Labeth Wilson Public School Counselor (right)

Wilson Counselor, Labeth honored as Friend of Guidance

Claudia Labeth was recently named the 2021 Friend of Guidance award recipient by the Association for Career and Technical Education. Labeth is being honored for making significant contributions to the advancement of career guidance and counseling. As a 36-year veteran in the Oklahoma public school setting, she has served Wilson Public School students for 33 years in various capacities.

Labeth was honored by the Association because she draws on SouthernTech programs as one option that provides Wilson students with high-demand skills while still in high school. She has personally driven students to SouthernTech for private tours or career advisement in technical training. She also helps students plan for continuing education or job internships. Labeth is known among colleagues for going above and beyond in helping students achieve their future goals.

Dianna Boeckman, Director of Student Services for SouthernTech, said the following about Labeth “She knows each and every one of her students and their families. She has been a strong supporter of Career and Technical Education for many years and has a passion for guiding students to work opportunities. She is so deserving of this award!”

As winner of this award, Labeth brings attention to all advocates of Career and Technical Education across the state. SouthernTech is one of 29 CareerTech Centers who rely on counselors at partner schools, to be knowledgable about the options SouthernTech provides. Dr. Eric Ward, Superintendent of SouthernTech, explains the importance of SouthernTech’s relationship with school counselors: “The counselors at each school are integral in connecting students with high-wage employment options. In offering a wide variety of options for different types of learners, counselors fill in the gap to answer questions about programs like Cosmetology, Heavy Equipment Operation, Horticulture and Graphics. Counselors at our partner schools know their students, know their credit load and are uniquely positioned to connect students to a variety of options. We are grateful for Ms. Labeth as well as each counselor at our partner schools.”

SouthernTech is a public career training institution in a region covering parts of seven counties in south, central Oklahoma. SouthernTech serves students at both the high school and post-secondary levels. Programs have low tuition rates when compared to colleges and proprietary schools. SouthernTech currently offers 20+ career training programs at its 40-acre facility and partners with thirteen schools to serve our area’s high-school students. Employment needs of the region continue to be the driving force of Southern Tech’s growth.

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