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Peace Officer Training Comes to Southern Oklahoma

SouthernTech is preparing to start a new Basic Peace Officer Certification training program at its extension center in Marrietta, Oklahoma.  In response to the critical training needs for local law enforcement agencies, SouthernTech is taking the first steps to be one of a handful of Career Technology Centers that offer the Basic Peace Officer Certification (BPOC) training.  The Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) will consider Southern Tech’s application in their upcoming board meeting scheduled for January 2022.  If approved, the program is expected to begin February 2022 in Marietta.

A collaborative effort between CLEET, the state legislature, and Oklahoma Career Tech, makes the BPOC academy possible. The goal of the academy is to provide a new route to full-time and reserve officer certification for those interested in pursuing law enforcement as a career.

“Currently, local law enforcement departments have to wait, sometimes up to a year, before they can send a commissioned officer to the state’s CLEET training program in Ada,” said Ardmore Police Chief Norris. “This Academy will allow cadets to train closer to home without the lengthy waiting period.”

Uniquely positioned to respond to this workforce need, the SouthernTech board voted to hire a coordinator to lead the future BPOC Academy at their November 11th regularly scheduled meeting.

“SouthernTech was fortunate to hire former Ardmore Police officer, Billy Turner to start the program”, said Dr. Eric Ward, superintendent at SouthernTech.  “Mr. Turner brings a wealth of knowledge to the program as well as a large network of law enforcement partners.” 

The Academy will be a four-and-a-half-month program comprised on 25 cadets in its first class. It will include all elements of law enforcement education, from driver training and firearms safety to defensive tactics and criminal investigations.

 In addition to the initial training hours CLEET requires, SouthernTech’s BPOC academy will meet the professional development needs of officers already in the workforce

“We are working closely with area law enforcement to understand the industry’s specific needs and to ensure the training offered will produce the highest caliber of officers in the region.” said Turner. “We plan to produce highly prepared cadets for multiple agencies throughout Southern Oklahoma

For more information about the Basic Peace Officer Certification Academy, contact Mr. Billy Turner at 580-223-2070.