Bob Thomason

Powell and Thomason

Southern Tech Room Named for the Leadership of Bob Thomason

Before SouthernTech’s regularly scheduled Board meeting, last Thursday, August 13th, Bob Thomason was recognized for his dedication to the students at SouthernTech. Thomason served 25 years on the SouthernTech Board of Education and was President for all but a few of those years. He was presented with a plaque that will forever hang in the Board Room at SouthernTech. The Board Room is to be named “The Bob Thomason Board Room,” in recognition of Thomason’s leadership.

With his wife Carol Jean beside him, Thomason expressed gratitude to receive the recognition but gave credit for the progress of the school to the Superintendent, Dr. David Powell. Dr. Powell recalls that “The Board kept re-voting him in because he possessed attributes that made for a good president.” In relaying those attributes, Dr. Powell explained that, “He had a way of assuring all were heard and that when there were differences of opinion, he circled back to the school’s mission to create unity.”

In his tenure as President, Thomason was able to converge his experience in Management with his Manufacturing and Ranch know-how to lead SouthernTech. Having worked for Michelin for 30 years, Thomason knew that the most valuable role he could play as President, was to support the Superintendent. He understood that by supporting Dr. Powell, he indirectly empowered the faculty, staff, students, and ultimately encouraged progress of SouthernTech. He was committed to ensuring that students received an excellent academic experience and learning environment.

The very essence of his service to the school has been etched in a plaque in the Board Room at the SouthernTech campus. The words stand as an important reminder to Board Members that will come after him: “Students should always be our #1 focus. When our vision blurs away from this goal, we as a board, are in danger of losing our effectiveness.”

Since 1994, Thomason has represented the Dickson area on the Board of Education and always focused on the students. He has since helped countless students and the community at-large by building partnerships between SouthernTech and local industries. Those partnerships thrive today because of the foresight, leadership, and focus on the mission that Bob brought to his position.