Blood Drive – February 2019


The Southern Oklahoma Blood Institute worked with Southern Tech’s Student Senate to initiate a blood drive, February 20 from 9 am to 2:30 pm.  Students and staff gave a total of 70 units which surpassed their goal.


Heavenly Kirkpatrick a Southern Tech Nursing Assistant student from Healdton High said, “I like giving blood and this is my third time to give.”

Ty Thoroughman a Heavy Equipment Operation adult student from Wilson said, “This is my second time to donate.  I’m O negative so they’ve been calling me.  I don’t have much opportunity to give, so while it’s convenient and there is a shortage of blood supply I thought I’d donate.”  Thoroughman gave two usable units of packed red cells.


Carlee Carrol is a second year Cosmetology student from Marietta and this is her third time to donate.  Carrol said, “I knew that it was time to donate again and there is a shortage of blood supply.  My friend had to get a blood transfusion recently so I knew I needed to give.”


Mason Green, a Biotechnology student from Lone Grove High, stayed past class time so he could donate for the first time.  Green said, “I have never gone through the process and just really want to try to give.”

Madison and Matthew

Madison Glavan, an adult student from Ardmore and is a first-year Cosmetology student and gave her fourth unit of blood.  She said, “I’ve never had a bad experience with the process, and I can give where others can’t, so it’s something I think I should do.”

Matthew Glaser (background) is an adult student from Ardmore and he’s a Graphic Design student.  This is his second time to give blood.


Kenzie Hicks is a student at Ringling High and she’s in the Southern Tech Cosmetology Program.  This is Hicks sixth time to donate and she said, “I’m excited now because I can receive my honor chords for graduation since I’ve donated six units of blood.”

Angeline and Andy

Angeline Colley from Sulphur High School is a Graphic Design student at Southern Tech.  This is her fifth time to donate.  When asked why she’s giving today she said, “My uncle Bill told me to give and he’s old and wise and my role model so I try to give when I can.”

Andy Carter is a first year students from Sulphur in the Nurse Assisting program and it’s his third time to give.  Carter said, “My plan is to be a phlebotomist while in college pursuing my nursing degree so I’m giving blood today because it’s helping me learn the process better.”