Blood Drive – December 2019

HOSA Blood Drive One

SouthernTech HOSA students, shared the theme of the Oklahoma Blood Institute this fall and, ‘followed their instinct,’ to help save lives by hosting a blood drive on campus.  The Southern Oklahoma Blood Institute received 72 units including whole blood and platelets.  There is always a need for blood and the need is even greater around the holidays so the students elected to move the blood drive from October to December.  Students lined up ready to give blood from the time the announcement was made that they were open.  Many staff members took the time to give as well.

HOSA Blood Drive One

Briana Moore (MHS) from the Clinical Medical Assisting class (front) was one of the HOSA students helping with the drive.  (From left) Waiting to give blood were Leila Mahaffey, Nurse Assisting student from Lone Grove, Kenia Pichardo, Construction student from Marietta, Micah Jackson, Nurse Assisting student from Healdton, Kobi Brown, Nurse Assisting student from Sulphur and Lottie King, BioTech student from Lone Grove.

HOSA Blood Drive Two

Cassandra Vasquez, Nurse Assisting student from Davis wanted to go all out so she donated Red Blood Cells and Platelets for her first donation.

HOSA Blood Drive Three

Gabriel Mills, Welding student from Ringling gave blood for the fist time and said, “I was curious about my blood type and felt like it was the thing to do.  I can produce plenty of blood, I felt like someone else might need it.”