Bring Your Invention to Life


Any member of our community is invited to become a member of the Innovation Lab. We encourage those creative people who already have an idea, to bring it to life with the help of our machines. Engineers, budding entrepreneurs and architects may also be drawn to the opportunities of the Innovation Lab. Additionally, business owners, ranchers and small industries can take advantage of this inexpensive option for branding.


CAD software is available for design creation if members are in the beginning stages of their projects.

Scroll down to check out our brand-new commercial printers.


The Innovation Lab will be open every Wednesday and Thursday (4:00 pm - 7:00 pm) when school is in session, starting February 3, 2021.


The Innovation Laboratory is located on our campus at building #600 and will be staffed with knowledgeable support personnel.

COVID-19 Considerations:

  • All members must wear masks according to school guidelines
  • Limited slots available

HOW and How MUCH

To enroll, prospective members will need:

  • Current credit card for monthly payments.
  • Initial $20 membership fee paid in advance.
  • A completed compliance form with signature.

For technical questions related to the machines, Anthony Bilyeu should be contacted at 224-8225.

For enrollment related questions, call 223-2070

Anthony Bilyeu

Anthony Bilyeu

Innovation Lab Lead

CraftBot 3 3D Printer

CraftBot 3 Printer (14)

Virtual Reality Station

Virtual Reality Station (2)


Laser Engraver (1)

Composite Printer

Composite Printer (1)

XL Printers

CraftBot XL Printer (2)

Large Printer

Large 3D Printer (1)

Take a look around the lab in the tour below. For a detailed overview from our Innovation Lab staff, please click here.

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