Biotechnology FUNDAMENtals

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics


The Biotechnology Fundamentals program prepares students for entry level positions in a wide range of bio-science career pathways. Biotechnology is a science that harnesses cellular and biomolecular processes to develop technologies and products that help improve our lives and the health of our planet. Students learn theory of how biotechnology is applied in medicine, agriculture, industry, and environmental systems. They explore techniques in DNA analysis, microbiology, biochemistry, plant tissue culture, forensics, genetic engineering, pharmaceutical production, Bioremediation, and more. Students learn the skills to be a part of the breakthroughs in diagnosing and combating debilitating diseases, reducing our environmental impact, feeding the hungry, using cleaner energy and having safer and efficient industry processes.


Applicants must complete a SouthernTech Application for Admission. Additional information and applications are available at the Southern Tech campus and online at Enrollment for this career program is open to adults and partnering High Schools (juniors/seniors).


Additional costs may include books, supplies, and miscellaneous fees.

Secondary Student

  • Free

Post-secondary Student

  • In-district: $2.50 per hour
  • Out-of-District: $5.00 per hour
  • Out-of-State: $7.50 per hour

Financial Aid and Scholarships

This program is not yet approved for Federal Financial Aid; scholarships may be available.

Courses (600 hours)

  • Biotechnology I
  • Biotechnology II
  • Microbiology
  • Survey of Biotechnology

Estimated time to complete: 10 months

Student Organization



8:00-11:00 AM or 12:45-3:45 PM

Employment Options

The following list is associated with the approved SOC (Standard Occupational Classification) for this program and does not necessarily represent immediate opportunities; additional training may be required for some options listed.

Biological Science Laboratory Technician, Biological Technician, Environmental Technician, Laboratory Technician, Research Assistant, Research Associate, Research Specialist, Research Technician, Resource Biologist, Wildlife Biology Technician – Approximate Pay Potential: $12-35/Hour. (O*NET source: 19-4021.00 - Biological Technicians):

Dr. Fiona McAlister

Dr. Fiona McAlister

Biotechnology Instructor


Targeted Certifications and/or Credentials

 Biotechnician Assistant Credentialing Exam (BACE)
 National Occupational Certification Testing Institute (NOCTI) Biotechnology

Certifications may vary by Program and are subject to change without notice.


Student Projects

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