Business Development Center

SouthernTech's Business Development Center (BDC) is available to corporate partners throughout the District. The BDC contains 2 computer labs, 1 conference room, and 4 additional training rooms.

Business Development Center
Juanette Smith

Juanette Smith

Contact Juanette at (580) 224-8286 to reserve a room.

20112Computer Lab
20312Conference Room
20530Computer Lab
20638Classroom - connected to 208 with retractable divider
20838Classroom - connected to 206 with retractable divider

Catering is available at SouthernTech to serve refreshments and/or meals for on-campus activities. Please fill out the Catering Request Form and contact Shannon Lewis, Southern Tech Food Service at 580-224-8233 or email him directly to make arrangements. All on campus catering to be provided exclusively by Southern Tech Food Service.